Charakterystyka badań aeromykologicznych i wstępny opis badań prowadzonych w Worcester w Wielkiej Brytanii w ramach współpracy wieloośrodkowej

The aim of this article is to inform about aerobiological research which has been commenced in co-operation between the University of Worcester, Jagiellonian University, Adam Mickiewicz University and the University of Szczecin. Occurrence of four allergenic fungal spores in the air will be studied, i.e. Alternaria spp., Cladosporium spp., Ganoderma spp. and Didymella spp. in relation to meteorological factors. Diurnal, daily and spatial variations of the fungal spore concentration will be compared between spore monitoring sites to produce forecast models for selected fungi. Forecasts play an important role in the timing of prophylactic medication and in maintaining compliance in treatments. They also help allergic people to plan their activities in order to avoid exposure to high atmospheric concentrations of fungal spores.
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