Kultura metodologiczna i raportowanie badań empirycznych publikowanych w wiodących czasopismach poświęconych zagadnieniom edukacji

The article provides a methodological review of research reports published in the main Polish journals of education. The query encompass the papers published in the seven journals from 2008 to 2011. Ones of the properties which have been observed are: research strategy, research question and hypothesis, type of sampling, size of sample, method of data collection and data analysis, and include type of statistical analysis. The results show that reports where quantitative strategy was used are overrepresented. In many cases generalization of research results has been done by authors. Moreover, this generalization was independent from type of sampling, research strategy and design. There was not differences in the scope of report transparency. The analysis also points out the diversity of research strategy due to affiliation of authors and overrepresentation of authors from two universities.
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