Wpływ ukształtowania wlotu rury nurnikowej na skuteczność pracy I stopnia cyklonowego wymiennika ciepła

This paper examined influence of various configurations of outlet from the 1st stage cyclone on efficiency of operation of this apparatus. Research has been carried out using two research methods. The first one was based on use of Computational Fluid Dynamics(ANSYS FLUENT package). Reynolds-AveragedNavier-Stokes Equations (RANS) turbulence model and Reynolds Stress Model (RSM) have been used for calculations. Presence of kiln hot meal has been represented using Euler-Lagrange equation implemented as a DiscretePhase Model (DPM). The second method was connected with designing of the pilot plant and carrying out series of experimental studies. Validation of obtained results based on the two methods indicated their conformity. The results demonstrated that even introduction technically simple and low-cost modifications can lead to improvement of efficiency of operation of the 1st stag cyclones in the system intended for burning of clinker.
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