Kategoria zatrzymania (standsning) w filozofii Sørena Kierkegaarda

The subject of this article is the inquiry into the category of „halt‟ or „pause‟ of mind (Standsning) and the dialectics of the paradox of faith. This category shows us the limits of thinking and the mind which which stops its cognitive processes and becomes forceless when it comes to the paradoxical concept of God. Halt of mind is a necessary condition for the existential leap. The author proves that Kierkegaard's dialectics of the paradox of faith is rather the process of existentialization of faith and not its irrationalization. Intellectual systems are formed in oppostion to it, for paradoxes go beyond any system. Kierkegaard‟s paradox is a reaction aganist Hegel's philosophy of religion which accepts the congruity of faith and mind.
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