Accuracy of determination of real estate area

Accuracy of determination of real estate area has a great importance nowadays, both in real estate selling and in tax assessment and also in spatial planning. Present and used in the past methods of area determination of parcels, buildings and dwellings cause thatthe quantity of areas are not consistent and at present this situation gives many questions. In the paper, discussion and analysis of methods of determination of areas of all types of estate in Poland, has been presented. Both methods used nowadays and used in the past has been showed here. In the relation to dwellings it has also been pointed, various provisions in force, within the range of computations of areas. For buildings in turn, it has been presented possible cases of determination of area of footprint of building and area of floor area (as sum of usable floor spaces) and areas of auxiliary premises. For land real estate, methods of determination areas of parcels used in the past together with their analysis of accuracy of areas and analytical methods used at present, have been presented. It has been pointed possible errors of analytical determined parcel area, as derivative of inaccuracy of determination of coordinates of boundary points and shape of parcel. In the summarization, possible effects (both factual and legal) of erroneously revealed in documents areas or real estate, have been presented. It has also been presented possible changes in provisions of law, partially solving problem of inaccuracy of determination real estate area.
Bieda A., Hanus P., Jasińska E., Preweda E.: Accuracy of determination of real estate area. International Conference on Environmental Engineering, 2014