Biblijne tropy pierwszych zombie. Subwersywne reinterpretacje wątków biblijnych w kulturze popularnej

In the chapter The Biblical Tropes of the First Zombies: Subversive Reinterpretations of Biblical Themes in Popular Culture, Andrzej Strużyna proposes a typology of the phenomena of travesty and parody of biblical contents in the convention of zombie apocalypse narratives. The chapter analyses the phenomenon’s contexts that show the multidimensionality and diversity of subversive recontextualizations of religious themes and motifs in popular culture. The phenomenon of mixing the grandeur of biblical content with popular horror conventions—which for the purposes of this analysis is defined as the zombification of biblical stories (and/or heroes)—is inter-preted in the broader context of transforming and contesting the religious content in popular culture and exploitation movies. Finally, the author develops a reflection on the social function of humorous transpositions of biblical texts in contemporary culture.