A stand for the modelling of crash tests of some parts critical to the passive safety of a vehicle

Results of investigations of modelled crash tests have been presented. The results were obtained with the use of a measuring stand that was designed and built at the Department of Vehicles and Fundamentals of Machine Design of the Technical University of Lodz for the simulation of vehicle collisions together with the accompanying phenomena. The stand included a scale vehicle model made of steel profiles with adjustable crumple zone size and variable pre-crash mass, a model acceleration track with a precise vehicle start positioning system where the model was brought to its starting position with the use of a tractor provided with a stepping motor, a non-deformable obstacle, as well as time and deceleration measuring systems. The basic design requirements adopted and the stand calibration procedures have been presented. The research possibilities related to the investigation of modelled crash tests have been described and illustrated with measurement examples. The stand makes it possible to carry out model tests both on the controlled crumple zone and, after inverting the reaction system, on energy-absorbing traffic barriers. Apart from being used by University staff for their own research work, the stand has constituted for several years a cognitively attractive facility willingly used by students during their laboratory classes in subjects related to vehicle construction and passive safety problems.
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