Świat mody — świat zombie, czyli opowieść o Zombie Boyu, modelkach, modelach i nas, konsumentach

Zombies, much like vampires, are one of the most frequently used figures in popular culture at the dawn of the 21st Century. One can also observe this motif in the fashion industry, where it is based in mechanisms used to incite controversy. The starting point for the chapter The World of Fashion–The World of Zombies: A Story about Zombie Boy, Models and Us Consumers by Michał Wójciak is an analysis of selected photo shoots and fashion shows for the presence of iconographic elements from nar-rative films about the living dead. A broad array of cultural contexts is cited, including the aesthetics of imaging death in the Middle Ages as well as punk counterculture. The undead character is also treated as a metaphor for the world of fashion, where values like uniqueness and identification collide. On the other hand, the category of the epidemic allows us to look critically at the phenomenon of the spread of trends as a part of the capitalist system that is based on surplus production and unlimited con-sumption.
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