New political geography

Contemporary world is changing at an incredibly fast pace. IT revolution and globalization processes have led to a deep transformation of our social life and the change of relations between human activity and space in which this activity takes place. Growing correlation on a global scale, mutual conditioning of what is global (external) and what is local (internal), high mobility of people, capital, ideas flowing freely on a global scale affect the increasing permeability of borders, which to a lesser extent perform their functions. Political geography, which as a scientific discipline focusing on the spatial aspects of human activity, must find an answer to the question how to analyze spatial systems in their relation to power in the world where majority of processes assumes global character, spatial distances in their current meaning lose their importance, and human activity is often separated and independent from a specific location in space. In the submitted article the author argues that political geography has undergone deep changes that create a “new political geography”.
Potulski J., New political geography, [w:] Journal of Geography, Politics and Society, no. 1(1), Gdańsk 2011, s. 5-22
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