Determination of petroleum compounds in bottom sediments

The following study was a theoretical base for selection, development and validation of the analytical procedure for determination of petroleum hydrocarbons in bottom sediments to be used in a commercial research laboratory. Crude oil and petroleum products belong to the group of pollutants that are easily accumulated in sediments. The process of accumulation of petroleum substances is due to the large sorption capacity. Having accumulated in sediments, the substances may constitute a secondarysource of pollution which, despite being cut-off from the primary sources, may yet cause environmental pollution for a number of years. Recognition of the level of contamination in sediments, and monitoring of changes in the environment require employment of appropriate analytical procedures, which would ensure that the work is less laborious and time-consuming.
Galer-Tatarowicz K., Pazikowska-Sapota G., Dembska G., Stasiek K.: Determination of petroleum compounds in bottom sediments.: BMI 2015; 30(1): 174-179
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