Organizational Culture in Non-profit Organizations - Research Findings

This paper aim at identifying types oforganizationał culture in non-profit organizations on the basis of the authors own research conducted over the period of 2005-2006. The research covered 120 associations and foundation in the Lower Silesi area. Various research techniiques were used including participative observation, documcntation analysis and research surveys. The object of study involved assorted manifestations of organizational culture, such as norms, values, degree of formalization , management style, participation power approach to changes approach to human resources. Analysis and typology of organizational culture, as applied for the purpose of the study, was based on a model introduced by Ł. Sułkowski in "Procesy kulturowe worganizacjach. Koncepcja, badania i typologia kultur organizacyjnych [Cultural processes in organizalions. Concept, research and typology of organizalional cultures]. The research finding demonstrate that organizational culture manifested in the organizations under study falls under the so -called "dynamiec community" category. The issues presented in this paper are significant. as an attempt at bridging the gap in subject literature with regard to non-profit organizations in genera as well as selected problems of organizational culture.
Kwiecińska, M. (2008). Organizational Culture in Non-profit Organizations - Research Findings. Seria SWSPiZ w Łodzi: Studia i Monografie, 18, 141-150.
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