Selected innovative solutions and overview of molds for precast concrete

Precast concrete products are widely used for infrastructure, construction sites, roads, retaining walls, river erosion control and drains all over the world. In order to obtain a proper shape and surface of the prefabricated elements it is required to use not only durable and rigid molds but also easily adjustable solutions according to different shapes and dimensions of products. Intensive development of concrete technology in recent years, including broadening of Self Compacting Concrete applications, has contributed to the progress in mold planning and manufacturing. Nowadays an innovative software, as for example 2D/3D CAD Systems or Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation are used commonly in the process of designing the molds. The paper presents solutions increasing productivity and efficiency of molds when demolding, setting and cleaning. Moreover the Authors of the paper focus on automation in mold change system, reliable and flexible mold systems. The examples described include, among others, molds for drainage systems, manhole base shells and retaining walls. The summary of the paper contains future needs and potential applications in the field of molds technology for precast concrete.
Nicał Aleksander, Andrzej Foremny, Krzysztof Kaczorek, Paweł Kluczuk. 2015. „Selected innovative solutions and overview of molds for precast concrete”. Creative Construction Conference : 128-133
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