The Evolution of Leaders Development in Organizations

Leadership development has become a key strategic issue for organizations in the current business environment. This aspect creates interests in leadership development practices. The purpose of this paper is to present areas connected with leadership development. This article is reviewed the literature on leadership development. The first part of this paper shows paradigmatic shift of leadership development. Then there are brief characteristics of using by organizations leadership development activities. The subsequent part presents model how an integrated leadership development and succession planning process require active manager participation. The final part shows contradictions between espoused theory of leadership development and the theory in use.
K. Grzesik, The Evolution of Leaders Development in Organizations, [w:] Enterprise in Highly Competitive Environment, (red.) A.P. Balcerzak, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika, Toruń 2010, ss. 219 – 231