Sąsiedzki kapitał społeczny a używanie substancji psychoaktywnych przez młodzież

The aim of the article is to describe the relationship between neighboring social capital and problem behaviors of young people, which one of the manifestations is the use of psychoactive substances. Theoretical part of article is a review of the literature on social capital and its understanding by the authors presenting different scientific approaches. Then it describes the importance of neighborly relations in the modern world. Article also includes the epidemiological analysis of psychoactive substances consumption by young people. Theoretical considerations are summarized by presentation of the Jessor's Problem Behavior Theory, which contains the neighborly relations as a protecting factor against the occurrence of risky behavior among young people. The empirical part of the article presents the results of research conducted on a group of young people from Lublin province. This part shows the relationship between owned neighboring relations and the use of legal and illegal psychoactive substances.
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