Ecological aspects of processes in the construction production

The influence of productive processes for environment quality means some changes, disadvantageous as well as advantageous, which indicate in integrity or particularly they are caused by operations within these processes. Production processes are fundamental sources of ecological risk, in view of multiaspect relationships with natural environment. Due to their specificity, investment building projects are characterized by high complexity. The specific features of such projects relate both to products – structures as implants of the human environment, and to the course of a development process, implemented in the environment along with the logistic processes. Logistics is often associated with wide activities offered by companies like offering comprehensive logistics services – transport - distribution - warehousing. It is rarely exposed in construction projects, which proves an underestimation of its role in project management. Where management methods based on logistics have been introduced they have had a positive impact on a process of the construction investment projects. A reduction in costs and an improvement of project management - that was primarily indicated by project managers - both can be emphasized. Tasks of building and logistic processes appearing in the execution stage of the construction investment projects were presented in the article. There were shown the problems of rationalization of fuel and energy consumption. The energy accounting as a tool for energy savings is described.
Bizon-Górecka J., Górecki J., Czaplewska E., Ecological aspects of processes in the construction production, [in:] Journal of Current Construction Issues. CIVIL ENGINEERING PRESENT PROBLEMS, INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS - Sustainable Development in Construction, ed. Jarosław Górecki, BGJ Consulting, 2016