Competitiveness of the economy in the context of social policy measures - international perspective

Changes in farm structures from a social aspect in the post-socialist EU Member States since their accession to the EU. Policy and research needs on economic, social and environmental farm performance. Economic and social context of current social policy in the Czech Republic. Productivity Growth vs. Farm Support in EU Agriculture – policy implications. Evaluation of projects from Rural Development Programme in the Czech Republic. Bulgarian Programme for Rural Development (2007-2013): socio-economic outcomes and lessons. Priorities of sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas within the region of Eastern Serbia. Economic and social aspects of Slovak agri-food sector. The Russian food embargo: impact on the national agri-food sector. Food security in Romania – determinants and vulnerabilities. Economic Assessment of Neonicotinoids’ Use Restriction on Sunfower and Maize Farms in Bulgaria and their Reaction. New Challenges for social and Development Policy – an attempt at a summary.
Seria: Monographs of Multi-Annual Programme, no 27.1
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