Zagadnienia ustrojowe w myśli politycznej Jana Bobrzyńskiego

The article elaborates on political thought of Jan Bobrzyński (1882‑1951), the Polish conservative politician, journalist, writer and philosopher. The paper is divided into three main sections. The first chapter provides biographical information. The second chapter describes the development of Bobrzyński’s ideas in the period of 1925‑1929. The third is devoted to the 1930s. One of the crucial themes of Bobrzyński’s journalism was a critique of democracy. In the 1920s, he became disappointed with an unstable parliament and supported the idea of a strong head of state. To a large extent, it was a result of his fascination with fascism. Bobrzyński was also involved in organising the Polish monarchist movement. He was promoting his ideas especially through his monthly magazine, „Nasza Przyszłość”. Moreover, his views on the political system can be gauged from the two projects of the Polish constitution he has published. The article shows how various views can be combined within the political views of one philosopher.
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