O sztuce (po)wolnego jedzenia w erze globalizacji - komentarz socjologa

The aim of this paper is to construe food and culinary practices as a point in which the problems of contemporary globalized world all converge. The vanishing of local culinary habits vs defending traditional foods is but one example of the difficulties an average consumer faces today. Seeing culinary practices as a convergence point allows also to discuss food as a peculiar form of art, regarded so differently by contemporary society. The author advances a thesis that the changes occuring in the area of gastronomy bring new challenges, dilemmas and opportunities not only for food producers but also for the consumers. A life in a hurry, the multitude of food choices and ways of consumption, contradictory media communications notwithstanding, all sum up to a problem of one’s resposibility for health, for one’s decisions, and well-being. To verify such positions, we need a set of research tools and these can be furnished by now developing sociology of food and eating
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