The application of eye tracking in business

Eye tracking is a method of study allowing for the verification of how humans perceive objects in front of them (e.g. Internet websites on the computer screen). This method consists in tracking the movement of eyeballs with the help of a specially designed video camera which is capable of registering even the most minute eye movements. Thanks to this method we can learn what people look at, which elements are perceived by them and which are omitted. It allows to check whether a particular graphic design, e.g. for an Internet website or an advertisement, meets its marketing objectives – i.e. whether recipients see those elements of the message which are crucial to the seller.
Wąsikowska B.: The application of eye tracking in business [w:] Social Aspects of Business Informatics: Concepts and Applications Marciniak, M. Morzy (red.), Wydawnictwo Nakom, Poznań 2014 r., s. 71-86.
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