The idea of investor relations in the modern economy: a communication approach

The main goal of this article is to present systematic deduction of the idea of Investor Relations (IR) in a communication perspective. I have made a several specific distinctions to introduce the current concept of IR and how it has changed over the years. Moreover, I try to identify the most important aims of IR, as well as differentiate between its obligatory and optional aspects. The article includes comments on different sorts of information that is conveyed by companies to the financial community. The article present the differences between various definitions of IR. Furthermore, the article describes in what way the concept of IR originated and how it has evolved over the course of time – what kind of factors led to the changes in the significance of IR. Moreover, the article also outlines the basic tasks of an IR department, explaining the difference between IR and public relations (PR) and determining what is more powerful when it comes to shaping the opinions of the financial community: non-financial factors or financial factors. Consequently, the article presents a new reputational approach to the idea of IR in the modern economy.
Tomasz Gackowski (2017) The idea of investor relations in the modern economy: a communication approach, Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 30:1, 1-13.
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