FATIH Project in Turkey: A Case Analysis

In the 2023 vision strategy, prepared by TUBITAK in Turkey, Information Technology (IT), areas have been designated for target countries and FATIH project started in 2010. In order to achieve the aimed goals, FATIH (Increasing Opportunities and Improving Technology Movement) project consists of five main components. These components establish hardware and software infrastructure, educational e-content preparation and management, effective use of IT in the curriculum, in-service training of teachers, conscious, reliable, manageable and quantifiable IT use. The first component identifies technical infrastructures of school. The second component was created for the provision of education al content which is Education Information Network (EIN). The third component considers training programs. The fourth and fifth components of the effective use of IT by teachers discuss the issue of conscious and reliable Internet use and plan information for the in-service training. This paper presents the first component of the FATIH project and discusses the current situation and future goals of the ongoing project.
Nuh Yavuzalp, Melih Derya Gürer, Orhan Curaoğlu, Soner Durmuş, Sedat Akayoğlu, Mehmet Bahar, Fahri Kiliç and Erkan Tekinarslan, FATIH Project in Turkey: A Case Analysis, [in] International Journal of Research in E-learning Vol. 1 (1), 2015, Editor-in-Chief Eugenia Smyrnova-Trybulska, Published by Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, Katowice 2015, ISSN 2451-2583 (print edition), ISSN 2543-6155 (Online), p.117-127
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