Posługa duszpasterska w nowych ruchach religijnych: kapłaństwo i „spowiedź” scjentologiczna

Text presents two basic pastoral issues – the priesthood and the “confession” in terms of theory and practice of the Church of Scientology – a new religious movement that was established in the second half of the 50s of the twentieth century. The text is divided into several parts, respectively devoted to the threads so-called auditing, the definition of this sacrament, theology and practice. In the second part of the proposed article is information on the types of the priesthood of Scientology, are listed the main functions of the priests, described the rite of ordination. Despite this, on the basis of comparative method, it is made a brief analysis of the status of the clergy in the Church of Ron Hubbard and Christianity.
"Warszawskie Studia Pastoralne", nr 2(35), 2017, s. 103-122.
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