Innovatory trends in modern Kuwaiti short story

Kuwaiti literature is very young and therefore the authors are also mostly young, only beginning their literary careers. Among these authors particularly intersting are: Laylā al-‘Uṯmān, Ṯurayyā al-Baqṣamī, Sulaymān aš-Šaṭṭī, Sulaymān al-Ḫulayfī, Ismā‘īl Fahd Ismā‘īl and Walīd ar-Ruǧayyib. They began to write at the time of the great development of Kuwaiti economy during the oil boom. They had to function in a very traditional society but did not stop them from dealing with difficult problems which Kuwait had to face during the age of rapid development.
Michalak Barbara, Innovatory trends in modern Kuwaiti short story, Studia Arabistyczne i Islamistyczne 2, 1994, pp. 23-28