80s Again! A Monograph on the 1980s

A Jolanta Słobodzian Film Club presents "80s Again!" -- a collection of essays describing selected phenomena in culture and society of 1980s. +-+-+-++-+-+-+ TABLE OF CONTENTS / Part 1: In the orbit of politics / Robert Zybrant: "Wrocław’s opposition and counter-cultural organizations of the 1980s and their impact on the formation of the Orange Alternative" | Aneta Jabłońska: "How Witkacy turned into a woman or theatre of the absurd in communist Poland" | Michał Pranke: ">>And that was the exit!<<. 'Maciuś Wariat' by Marcin Świetlicki" | Wojciech Lewandowski: ">>Good evening London…<<. The socio-political revolution in comics, based on the example of the graphic novel 'V for Vendetta' by Alan Moore and David Lloyd"/ Part 2: Crossing musical borders / Dariusz Piechota: "Emancipation according to Madonna" | Paweł Jaskulski: "The origins of oblivion: Nirvana in the 1980s" | Adriana Brenda-Mańkowska: "The Rutles, Medusa, Spinal Tap – musical mockumentary in the 1980s" / Part 3: The past directs the future / Kamil Kościelski: "Pastiche in the shadow of parody – a certain adventure of the American horror fi lms of the 1980s" | Joanna Kostana: "Retromania of the 1980s: on the different faces of neo-noir cinema" | Agnieszka Kiejziewicz: "Dystopia, new society and machines. The 1980s as the period of emergence and development of cyberpunk cinema" | Mariusz Koryciński: "Into the cinema? Yuppie nights, innocent noirball and new classicism" +-+-+-++-+-+-+ CONTRIBUTORS | Academic edition: Aneta Jabłońska, Mariusz Koryciński | Academic review: Paweł Tański | Translation: Jacek Wełniak, Agnieszka Piskorska | Copy-editing: Dan Sax, Paulina Plata | Cover project and logotype of the Time Machine Series: Stefan M. Ronisz | Picture of the sky on the cover: Paweł Gołąb | Typesetting and text makeup: Joanna Poroś-Głuchowska
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