Becoming a Learning Organization Through Dynamic Business Process Management

As customers demand easier access to individualized products and services, companies now face an ongoing problem of how to deliver flexible and innovative solutions while maintaining efficiency and competitiveness. In this environment, the only sustainable form of competitive advantage rests in the ability to learn faster than the competition (de Geus, 1988). The article returns to the somewhat forgotten concept of the learning organization and explores how its principles can be applied with the use of dynamic business process management (dynamic BPM). Enabling in this concept individual or team-based limited experimentation and providing conditions for learning though experience in the course of performing business processes allows for the constant creation of practical knowledge. This article provides examples of how dynamic BPM facilitates the constant creation and verification of practical knowledge, with the aim of improving and adapting processes to maintain the competitive advantage of the organization.
Szelągowski, M., Becoming a Learning Organization Through Dynamic Business Process Management. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation (JEMI), 2014, vol. 10, nr 1 : Knowledge Management Special Issue: Connecting Theory and Practice. Ed. by P. Lambe, s. 147-166
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