„alicja” Romana Honeta – szkic analityczny

The article analyses the volume of poetry by Roman Honet, alicja, by means of the method of analysis and interpretation of a literary text proposed by Jerzy Faryno. The division into primary content (direct, resulting from a linguistic utterance) and secondary content (resulting from a linguistic utterance indirectly) enables one to attempt to interpret uninterpretable, as it is considered in the literature on the subject, alicja. The structure of the volume itself, specific punctuation and grammar provide certain conditions concerning the image of poetic reality existing in the world presented by the lyrical I. What is more, the same motives appearing again and again, specific meta-oneirism, permanent palette of colours became a starting point for developing our proposal. This approach to the problem was also supported by thematic triplicity of poetic content visible in the poetry. The further part of the article presents intertextual references to the extratextual reality and real historical figures (related to the Second World War).
Lewczuk P., Lewkowicz D., Biliński A., Boroch R., „alicja” Romana Honeta – szkic analityczny, „Studia Interkulturowe Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej”, t. 9, ISSN: 1898-4215, Warszawa 2016, s. 128-139.
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