2010 Amendments to the Polish Energy Law

In 2010 the Polish Parliament passed just two amendments to the Act of April 10, 1997 – the Energy Law1 (hereafter, the Energy Law). The first of them is the Act of January 8, 2010 on amending the Energy Law and on amending certain other acts2. The second change to the Energy Law was enacted by virtue of the Act of April 9, 2010 on making available economic information and exchanging economic data3. The first of the above amendments, the work into which had begun early in 2009, has significantly influenced the functioning of the electricity market in Poland. This amendment has a manifold character and in a comprehensive manner regulates a range of issues that will be discussed in this paper. However, the change enacted by virtue of the second of the two amendments herein referred to is minor and concerns one of the aspects of how energy undertakings operate.
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