E-tutoring as a way to support students in the education process

Using any kind of technology is becoming more common in the current social reality. Continuous professional development of every human being makes repeatedly in the educational process can be seen attempts to adapt teaching and learning to the needs of the organization of society to meet the needs of individual units. Through the use of information technology in the learning process becomes more efficient and adapted to the requirements of modern times. E-tutoring, in addition to various forms of contemporary functioning of online education, is in addition to the learning process consisting in individual student contact with a teacher/tutor, through a virtual environment, as well as a way to support individuals who want to develop their skills and competencies. Through the use of cyberspace, the idea of tutoring as a method of education and personality development of an individual relationship with a student and a tutor, it is more accessible to the students. In the online environment for interaction between the e-tutor and his dependents can be both synchronous and asynchronous - one e-tutor is therefore able to support their knowledge and experience more people, regardless of location and distance, in which both parties are located.