Author disambiguation in the YADDA2 software platform

SYNAT platform powered by the YADDA2 architecture has been extended with the Author Disambiguation Framework and the Query Framework. The former framework clusters occurrences of contributor names into identities of authors, the latter answers queries about authors and documents written by them. This paper presents an outline of the disambiguation algorithms, implementation of the query framework, integration into the platform and performance evaluation of the solution.
P. J. Dendek, M. Wojewódzki, and Ł. Bolikowski, “Author disambiguation in the YADDA2 software platform,” in Intelligent Tools for Building a Scientific Information Platform, R. Bembenik, L. Skonieczny, H. Rybinski, M. Kryszkiewicz, and M. Niezgodka, Eds. Springer, 2013, pp. 131–143.
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