Functional constituents of plant-based foods boost immunity against acute and chronic disorders

Plant-based foods are becoming an increasingly frequent topic of discussion, both scientific and social, due to the dissemination of information and exchange of experiences in the media. Plant-based diets are considered beneficial for human health due to the supply of many valuable nutrients, including health-promoting compounds. Replacing meat-based foods with plant-based products will provide many valuable compounds, including antioxidants, phenolic compounds, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and some ω3 fatty acids. Due to their high nutritional and functional composition, plant-based foods are beneficial in acute and chronic diseases. This article attempts to review the literature to present the most important data on nutrients of plant-based foods that can then help in the prevention of many diseases, such as different infections, such as coronavirus disease, pneumonia, common cold and flu, asthma, and bacterial diseases, such as bronchitis. A properly structured plant-based diet not only provides the necessary nutrients but also can help in the prevention of many diseases.
Khalid, Waseem, Arshad, Muhammad Sajid, Ranjha, Muhammad Modassar Ali Nawaz, Różańska, Maria Barbara, Irfan, Shafeeqa, Shafique, Bakhtawar, Rahim, Muhammad Abdul, Khalid, Muhammad Zubair, Abdi, Gholamreza and Kowalczewski, Przemysław Łukasz. "Functional constituents of plant-based foods boost immunity against acute and chronic disorders" Open Life Sciences, vol. 17, no. 1, 2022, pp. 1075-1093.;
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