Persistence of long-term insulin independence after islet transplantation and two subsequent pregnancies

Pregnancy increases metabolic demand for insulin and may lead to the exhaustion of intraportally transplanted islets and post-gestational hyperglycemia. To prevent these complications, we implemented preemptive insulin supplementation during two subsequent pregnancies in an insulin-independent islet transplant recipient. This strategy resulted in optimal blood glucose control during the pregnancies, the preservation of the optimal islet graft function and the postpartum maintenance of long-term insulin independence.
Gondek S, Ogledzinski M, Lin W, Milejczyk K, Juengel B, Potter L, Bachul PJ, Basto L, Perea L, Wang L, Tibudan M, Witkowska Z, Barth R, Fung J, Witkowski P. Persistence of long-term insulin independence after islet transplan- tation and two subsequent pregnancies. Eur J Transl Clin Med. 2023;6(1):9-13.
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