FastPass Deliverable D8. 1: Optimized and harmonized processes

This document consists of 8 consequent chapters: Chapter 3 briefly describes the general infrastructure process focusing on such aspects as security, border control, customs, carrier and ports and other processes. Chapter 4 presents an outline of border control. Main options for conducting border check, both for EU and non-EU travellers are described. The system architecture and the process participants descriptions are provided. Furthermore, an adopted methodology for designing processes has been described. Chapter 5 consists of processes and sub-processes that have been designed in BPMN along with their brief descriptions. Parameters for ABC sub-processes are also presented. Chapter 6 provides the analysis of a real border check process example. The analysis of Vantaa Airport border check has been performed. Chapter 7 describes the three scenarios for air, sea and land borders. Finally, chapter 8 presents the summary of the research results.
Szklarski, L., Kriechbaum-Zabini, A., Dimitrova, D., Toivonen, S., Ahonen, T., Hurrey, C., & Nguyen-Xuan, V. (2014). FastPass Deliverable D8.1: Optimized and harmonized processes.
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