Metal-Doped MAPbBr3 Single Crystal p-n Junction Photodiode for Self-Powered Photodetection

Lead halide perovskites have emerged as the next-generation materials for self-powered photodetectors enabling operation without an external power source. In this study, a planar-type photodetector based on metal-doped p-type MAPbBr3/n-type MAPbBr3 single crystal showing excellent self-powered photodetection properties is presented. The p-n junction on the MAPbBr3 single crystal is formed by controlled epitaxial growth of Ag+-doped MAPbBr3 SC (p-type) on the facet of Sb3+-doped MAPbBr3 SC (n-type). The as-integrated p-n junction device with asymmetric electrodes shows a typical photovoltaic behavior with a high open circuit voltage of 0.95 V and great sensitivity to 530 nm illumination at zero bias with a responsivity of up to 0.41 A W−1 and a specific detectivity of 6.39 × 1011 Jones, which are among the highest values reported for MAPbBr3 single crystal-based self-powered photodetectors. In addition, the rise time and fall time of this device are as fast as 14 and 10 ms, respectively. These results pave the way for the fabrication of self-powered perovskite-based p-n junction photodiode, which may find potential application in advanced photodiode and future optoelectronic devices.
Adv. Optical Mater. 2024, 12, 2302032.