Aesthetic Restoration at the Conditions of Multi-disciplinary Dental Clinic

The objective: to assess the effectiveness of aesthetic restorations with porcelain veneers in the multi-disciplinary dental clinic. It is shown that the offered method of the treatment and preparation of teeth surface for veneers effectively reduces their post-operative sensitivity, enables high-quality functional and aesthetic results of treatment. After the installation of the proposed method veneers 66.7% of patients reported a high degree of satisfaction with treatment. Instrumental electrical impedance studies enamel dentine structure showed that after the operative field was treated with ozone its value increased only by 10%, whereas the conventional processing - by 30%. In general, research has shown that the use of ceramic veneers in a multidisciplinary University Dental Clinic is effective and has significant advantages, in view of the multidisciplinary nature of training patients when the veneers.
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