Famous morphologists who died young

Abstract Article is about scientists, who died young: A. Giliani, M. della Torre, C. Varolio, R. de Graaf, J.G. Zinn, M.F.X. Bichat, A. Burns, O. Deiters, F.C. Boll, J. Paneth and H. Lissauer. Their contribution into anatomy and allied sciences and brief biographical information are given. Conclusions. They were talented, and although the life flow brings to oblivion all that was ever known or done by human, yet the memory of them remains extending their century on the pages of the history of medicine.
Kutia S.A., Pikalyuk V.S., Shaymardanova L.R., Zukow W. Famous morphologists who died young. Journal of Health Sciences. 2013; 3 (10): 347-358.
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