Economy and architecture. The role of architecture in process of building the economic potential of space.

For centuries architecture and the architectural objects constitute the characteristic landscape’s elements of the particular land or region. They were a vivid illustration of the given culture’s achievements, they constitute the aesthetics and engineering accomplishments of their time. Nevertheless in the last few decades a distinct transformation took place. Architecture is not only the reflection of the current state but it became an instrument in process of creating yet unexciting – but carefully planned in marketing strategies – economic potential of a space. While monitoring the tendencies occurring lately in global architecture and the urban design five essential parts of architecture as an economic device can be pointed out: 1/. architecture and space branding where the intentional designing of a particular, imagined picture of any defined space starts to be a way to impart it a new meaning; 2/. architecture and tourism destination where architecture can be utilized as a basic instrument to stimulate the tourism development in particular regions; 3/. consumerism where architecture becomes a device of the behavioural economics; 4/. corporate architecture where architecture is used to distinguish companies’ image on the concurrence background thus to enhance their economic position on the market; 5/. architecture as an integrating and holding together factor in local communities. Nowadays architecture of the objects and spaces where contemporary people exist is underestimated. We just partly exploit architecture in a process of enhancing the economic potential of a particular space. Time to recognize and explore other qualities of architecture as a way of the innovative reality creation, to value abilities of creating the atmosphere stimulating the consumers behaviour leading to planned financial effects. Architecture – as a device ample with the expression means - supports creating the competitive advantages.
Piatkowska, Ksenia. 2012. Economy and architecture. The role of architecture in process of building the economic potential of space. Humanities and Social Sciences Review, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2012, pp. 549-555