The Role of Ergonomic Program for Creation Ergonomically Acceptable Working Conditions

The paper will include the description ergonomic program and their particular parts of which it is composed. It will also described its role in creating ergonomically acceptable working conditions. Ergonomic program creates the conditions for improving the working processes continuance and to ensure the ergonomics acceptable working conditions and setting working environment parameters to ensure the effectiveness of human labour. This is expectation to achieve an increase in quality of working comfort of the employees. The issue, which is the subject of the paper, is highly topical, because is determined by content of ergonomic program, which is a global standard for improvement of the status of man in labour - organizational systems. This program requires from company management to pay full attention to: health, psycho-physiological and anthropometric parameters of participation man at working process, level quality of physical and socio-psychological environment and workplace safety (work risks), evaluation of employees work performance and increasing demands of employer. Application of the ergonomic program in a company is in line
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