Nowa geopolityka sieciowa

The aim of the paper is to identify key factors constituting the frame of the new geopolitics. This objective will be accomplished through applying some aspects of the network approach widely use in contemporary social sciences. Use of the network metaphor enables us to capture the essence of processes and phenomena shaping the external and internal environment of political, economical and social institutions participating in global exchange. In the modern world, networks are often used as the exchange platforms enabling dynamic move of goods, ideas, values etc. Deeply involved in this exchange are: states, transnational corporations, criminal groups, terrorist networks, non-governmental organizations, global social movements and citizens organized in various associations, clubs, and unions. All of these actors meet together on interrelated planes, participating in ephemeral and permanent, single and repeated acts of exchange. Networks completely re-define the crucial concepts of traditional geopolitics. The new global reality is made of dynamic networks of power arising in economic, political, religious, criminal, charity and terrorist fields. Network approach allows scientists to capture dynamics of global order, complexity of exchange between various categories of global actors, formation and evolution of international alliances made between formal and informal power holders.
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