World Internet Project. Poland 2010

This 2010 report provides a richly detailed and reliable account of who uses the Internet in Poland, who does not, and what difference it makes for everyday life and work. It is based on high-quality data – face-to-face interviews with a probability sample of individuals that permits the authors to project to the population of Poland as a whole. It is a valuable resource for the country on its own terms, but has added value for being part of the World Internet Project (WIP). The findings can be compared with those of over 30 other nations that have joined this collaborative WIP project.
Toczyski, Piotr; Kustra, Arkadiusz; Rzeźnik, Jakub; Gerszewska, Maria (2010). World Internet Project. Poland 2010. Warsaw: Agora S.A. & TP Group
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