Poradnictwo rodzinne jako pomoc w rozwiązywaniu życiowych problemów rodziny

Theoreticians and practitioners of family counseling are carefully observing, analyzing and explaining a dramatically growing need for indirect help sought by problem families. The rich Internet offer of the help which is placed at the end of the article is the proof of that demand. In this situation in the of family guidance some questions are becoming especially controversial: What are the reasons for using of such a for of psychological, pedagogical legal or medical help? Is it possible that Internet advice will soon dominate or even take over the traditional help? Does the access to free and anonymous advice at any time and in any place without any barriers decide on the growing number of users. The contents of the article are a certain trial to answer the above questions. In great part they correspond to thinking und utterances of the families experiencing difficulties in solving their life problems. In the article helplessness of a family raising a handicapped child is especially emphasized. The feeling of being vulnerable in the face of disability and at the same time seeking help is fully visible in the character of the mother of little handicappedVictoria. It is an example of combining the Internet aid with direct counseling. In conclusion, having considered the points made by author, it should be admitted that the Internet family guidance may be successfully combined with a traditional direct meeting of the subjects – a counselor and a person seeking advice.
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