Intermentoring - korzyści zastosowania w firmie

In the era of an aging population and reducing the number of employees, companies are forced to seek a new approach to human resource management. The approach which will allow them to maintain the knowledge and competence at the appropriate level in the company and at the same time use them in the most efficient and rational way. Intermentoring is one of the tools of human resource management, which allows the use of knowledge, skills and experience of employees of all ages, thus ensuring the effective transfer of knowledge between employees of different generations. Consciously deployed in an enterprise has an impact on the efficiency and labor productivity growth also contributing to the development of the company.
Baran, M. (2013). Intermentoring - korzyści zastosowania w firmie. Zeszyty Naukowe 1146, Z.51, "Organizacja i Zarządzanie", ss-267-274.
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