Teaching the Art of Playing With Career-coupling Relationships in the Virtuoso World

Socialization of young virtuosos in the milieu of soloists involves creating and entertaining particular ties. Those ties, which mix the private and professional lives of teacher, student, and parents, offer an interesting avenue for studying socialization. I examine one relationship crucial to the virtuoso's career: the close-knit relationship between teacher and student, and the effect each one has on the career of the other. I define this process as "career coupling," where those involved build their careers together. I base this analysis on ethnographic research of the careers of elite musicians.
Wagner, Izabela. 2010. TEACHING THE ART OF PLAYING WITH CAREER-COUPLING RELATIONSHIPS IN THE VIRTUOSO WORLD. "Studies In Symbolic Interaction", Volume: 35 (2010-06-01) p. 147-171.
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