Let’s Start From (a) Scratch: New Ways of Looking at Vessels’ Function

The article discusses various types of use-wear that can be observed on Mycenaean tableware.It is demonstrated that careful analysis and interpretation of such traces can provide new insights into thevessels’ function. Material presented here derives from two sites, Lefkandi and Tsoungiza, and provides evidencefor at least three types of abrasion on vessels’ surfaces. These surface marks are illustrated throughoutwith numerous photographs. The most visible type of use-wear, which is attested on a variety of forms, consistsof heavy abrasion of exterior rim and protruding part of lower body. This wear pattern is associated withscooping action from coarse containers, like cooking pots or vats.
pp. 7-14
Lis, B. “Let’s Start From (a) Scratch: New Ways of Looking at Vessels’ Function.” Archeologia 61 (2013): 7–14.
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