Jan Paweł II a Benedykt XVI – o potrzebie wielokulturowości w Kościele

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the Prefect of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith comments an encyclical Fides et Ratio published by John Paul II in 1999. He shows that this encyclical was the reaction on crisis which the Western culture was found in the second half of the 20th century. Ratzinger emphasizes that encyclical rightly diagnoses the source of the crisis. That is the creators of the main trend of the Western culture resignation to search of truth about the world. They want to replace the truth with criterion of usefulness which helps to promote actions, which give only shortterm benefits. Meanwhile encyclical Fides et Ratio rightly reminds, that search of truth is the aim and basic for functioning of every culture and the condition of real intercultural dialogue. Christians may effectively participate in this dialogue because Christianity (unlikely other religions) is not in necessary way connected with some specific culture, but precluding truth about human and God assist they development.
Ptaszek, R.T. (2009). Jan Paweł II a Benedykt XVI – o potrzebie wielokulturowosci w Kosciele. Drohiczyński Przegląd Naukowy, 1, 109-114.
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