Miejsce rekreacji w strategiach rozwoju na przykładzie województwa śląskiego

Determining the development strategy is one of the key tasks that have been assigned to local government at the community, district and region. In the case of the regional development strategy it is a document created by the board of the region contains a record of the region and local community conscious choices, leading to the solution to current problems and keeps the region on a path of sustainable development and raise its competitiveness. In the development strategies important task is tourism and recreation, of which promotion and development is the own task of community. Recreation and in particular physical recreation, makes it possible to improve the quality of life. This is inter alia, contributing to the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle, which leads to improving the health of residents. Therefore, efforts should be made to expand the infrastructure and facilities for physical recreation and sports to create attractive free time activities. Planning such activities should be reflected in the development strategy. This study illustrates the place of recreation and in particularly physical recreation in the Silesian Regional Development Strategy „Silesian 2020”.
Miejsce rekreacji w strategiach rozwoju na przykładzie województwa śląskiego; Agnieszka Ulfik, Zbigniew Waśkiewicz; W: Regionalne i lokalne strategie rozwoju turystyki: materiały i studia; red. nauk. Stefan Nowak; Wydawnictwo Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego w Katowicach; Katowice 2012. S. 228 - 235; ISBN 978-83-60841-88-4
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