Albinosi w krainie czarów. Białoskórzy w wierzeniach Tanzanii

The article presents the problem of albino killing in Tanzania in the contexts of religion and demonology of Bantu peoples. Tanzania has one of the highest percentages of albinos in the world, much more higher than any European country. In Bantu beliefs a person who has a white skin belongs to the world of spirits and poses the magical power. It makes the lives of albinos constantly endangered, as it is commonly believed in Tanzania that albino body parts can bring riches if used in potions produced by local witchdoctors. Nowadays the international aid to the albinos is concerning not only in medical assistance but also in local education about the real reasons of albinism.
K. Kleczkowska, Albinosi w krainie czarów. Białoskórzy w wierzeniach Tanzanii, „Maska” 2011, nr 10, s. 59–80.
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