"Novum Organum" dla Górnego Śląska

A Paper "Novum Organum for Upper Silesia" is an indication of the important areas for the Upper Silesian culture. The author treats the problems of history, identity, nationality, language, population. Upper Silesia is the specific space, the classical borderland, the territory of presence of Polish, Czech and German traditions. The author describes some elements of the Silesian identity. The recognition of these elements is important to the process of building the new narrative for Upper Silesia after 1989. Is it possible to formulate the new narrative? Should we think about "novum organum" in reference to Francis Bacon s thought about the modern mind? Can we give "novum organum" for this cultural territory? Upper Silesia is depicted as the embroiled community of residents with the weak historical and cultural memory but with strong feeling of the distinct identity. The author writes about the disintegration of the present Silesian culture. The past has gone, the strong former culture is finished but we still ask about the new Silesian narrative. We still prospect for gold.
Dariusz Kulas, "Novum Organum" dla Górnego Śląska, "Anthropos?" 2014, nr 22, s. 76-87.
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