Social and Demographic Conditions of Displays of Aggression and Violence in Family

The purpose of the research was to discover some selected social and demographic factors which can influence the displays of aggression and violence as well as the alcohol abuse. Several factors were taken into analysis: men’s age, their education, place of residence and the jobs which they perform. The analysis of the research results confirmed that displaying aggression and / or violence is strictly related to abusing alcohol. The research indicated that aggression and violence happen most frequently in families in which the men’s age is between 23 to 30; it happens with men with higher and secondary education who are regular alcohol drinkers; most often in the rural area.
Małgorzata Przybysz-Zaremba, Agata Katkonienė (2014), Social and demographic conditions of displays of aggression and violence in family. Constructing the model of an aggressor, „Social Education” 2014, t. 39, Nr 3, p. 175–188.
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