Próba systematyzacji i rozróżnienia pojęć śmiech i uśmiech

The essay is an attempt to systematization and distinction between concepts laugh or smile is a work in two sketches. In the first one author opens considering about smile and laugh. In the second one she wants to shows understanding of difference between smile and laugh, but especially how excessive smile slowly turn into reasonable laugh? There is a less difference between mild laugh and grin smile, 'cause during the smile hasn't repeating sound. The only sound, which is possible to hear is a strong exhaust or light whisper. Author thinks, that laugh and smile have opposite meaning, they bring another communications, they're different. Darvin thought about laugh and smile as some kind of continuum, and it is impossible to make a strict border. The Announcement, which follows from the smile inform us about power of the impulse. It is very important, that impulse cannot be enough strong to make someone laugh. Darvin treated smile as primitive form of laugh. This form turn into phenomenon, which is much more adequate for human expression. The Author describes smile as something more controlled, than laugh. Smile build slowly and subtly relation, laugh violates society his burst. Laugh makes society do reaction, for example: answer by laugh, defense or participate. On the other hand laugh claims spontaneous, immediate reaction, it makes specific acoustic space. Instead smile might be provoke by happiness condition, soulful ecstasy - these are condition, which need constancy. Laugh prefer explosion, which has quick beginning and extremity. On the opposite, smile "talks" more. It is an expression, which can make a self distance. The Distinction of the smile has connected with sophistication, "survival" variety about funny theme. Into the smile we unfold too much, we show our entrails. We has became hostage of train. The Man in laugh discover his sociable disposition. The Smile is more like "mimicry of the spirit", express contemplation, especially when appear softly glow of the smile. Only in this moment smile seems to be a God spirit. The Essay is also a great deal with Plessner's work. For him, beyond another outer features, the smile has notching to do with the real laugh. The Plessner's note constitute very important analysis of smile and laugh for the author. His distinction about phenomenon the smile and laugh is fundamental element of reflection, which consist with studies about laugh culture. Plessner's work gives for the research and Author a new quality.
Magdalena Kubica, Próba systematyzacji i rozróżnienia pojęć śmiech i uśmiech, "Anthropos?" 2009, nr 12-13
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