O przestrzeni: na progu doświadczania

The Essay is a consideration about treatment relation in space, their changing and all processes, which has companioned in this work. The Author quotes phrase from Foucault's work - already in 1967 in living Foucault's lecture "About other spaces", scientist noted, that classic treatment of relationship between the spatial against the same area is unfounded. The Contemporary times - Foucault has called as the Era Space. In this kind of dispute, author shows that it is crucial to understanding this space, which is deposited by Foucault's a network structure, created from the places-points and the relationship, but as the author has marked - the main points is mainly resulting from the imposition of the various space. So far, author has convinced, that a merger the many space in one place moves to formulate questions about the nature outline in mutual relations between them. More specifically, it reflect the issue with question - whether it is reasonable to claim their border and if so as to whether it is possible to set - in the specific sense (physical) or abstract (mental) inherent area, which we can called 'the area between space' (between-space area). The Next part of the essay concentrates on Barbara Kita's theory. The Author found there an answer and specific description of between-space area. She emphasizes the meaning of importance zone "between" writing, that it becomes essential, because there are inside processes of the integration, as the result it shall lose its importance of being bordered the same time (place without separation phenomenon). In the last conclusion, author has considered the place, which founded and has explained the limit. She thinks, the limit is located in the form called as 'threshold'. It means, that the threshold should not be to the interior or to the outer area. Adoption of such ways of thinking, especially about entails an examining threshold in existence - we can called in existence as an absent. The Threshold exists only in a material sense, as to overcome and wonder area. However it is a factor, which makes it possible for identify relationship between two agendas - place and space. As the result, the function threshold makes a reflection, that the limit fixed by him, has postponed its and the threshold deprived of his was in this way its fundamental role. Therefore, the threshold as intermediate structure in conversation with the outside world is not so much being materially perceptible, but it is more as humanist factor.
Marta Olszewska, O przestrzeni: na progu doświadczania, "Anthropos?" 2010, nr 14-15
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